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First 25 Licenses FREE

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Pricing Breakdown

Initial Cost

Your purchase will include a license for using the Helpdesk Button™, as well as the physical button. We have four Button options starting at $4.99/button for our standard buttons with the Helpdesk Button™ logo. Custom branding with your own logo starts at $7.99. USB hub buttons are also available.

Our minimum order is currently 15 units for the standard Helpdesk Button™ or 100 units for custom branded buttons. Discounts are available for 500+ and 2500+ custom unit orders.

Monthly Service Cost

Your first 25 licenses are free! After that, the investment can be as low as 38¢/button/month.

Price Per Endpoint Per Month
1-25 FREE
26-100 $0.75
100-499 $0.64
500-999 $0.52
1000-2499 $0.45
2500-4999 $0.40
5000+ $0.38


Free shipping to the USA. Shipping outside the USA is automatically calculated at the checkout and varies country to country. Standard shipping time is 6-8 weeks for custom buttons, but they come fully loaded and ready to install on client devices with your software build. Shipping times will vary, but since these buttons are customized with your logo, you should expect to receive your buttons 4-6 weeks from the time of order.  This is also subject to change depending on demand.

Now Offering Payment Installment Plans

We have various Welcome Packs to better suit you and your company's needs.

Welcome Pack 1: ($699.99)
100 Custom Buttons + Whiteglove Onboarding
Welcome Pack 2: ($499.99)
100 Helpdesk Buttons + Whiteglove Onboarding
Welcome Pack 3: ($99.99)
10 Helpdesk Buttons + Whiteglove Onboarding
Welcome Pack 4: ($1,099.99)
100 Custom Hub Buttons + Whiteglove Onboarding
Welcome Pack 5: ($899.99)
100 Helpdesk Hub Buttons + Whiteglove Onboarding
Welcome Pack 6: ($149.99)
10 Helpdesk Buttons + 10 Helpdesk Hubs + Whiteglove Onboarding

Helpdesk Buttons™ make both great swag gear and marketing tools. We offer Welcome Packs with custom branding in order to help give your company that extra bit of visibility and lasting impact.

Welcome Packs are a special, 1-time-only, item and are limited to one purchase per company and are not available for online purchase.

To order a Welcome Pack, please reach out to your Tier 2 Tech account manager or call us directly at 833-328-8866 or email us at [email protected]


The licensing and hosting platform for the button software can cost as low as 38¢/button/month, or free for your first 25 licenses. This is the cheapest model we could come up with that would still allow us to cover server and ongoing development costs. There is no contract and you can remove buttons from your account at any time.